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We Ensure You're Secure

We Ensure You’re Secure

Alpha-One Security Services Anglia Security in Norwich Lowestoft Ipswich Great Yarmouth 07795 104854

Geographical Areas

Securing ALL of East Anglia, whether you require a Construction Guard, Retail Security, Event Security or Dog Security. With a mission to be the most professional security company in the industry, we guarantee our work and our officers. We are all SIS trained and CRB checked, First Aid Certificated and trained in the use of defibrillators.

Christmas is upon us but not all of us are going to have  the means necessary to ensure we have a wonderful Christmas. Unfortunately these are the opportunistic people that are targeting your businesses and your properties. With Alpha-One Anglia you can rest easy knowing you, your businesses and your property secure ensuring your Christmas is full of festive cheer.

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